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Hydrant Meter Application

  1. Agreement:
    I/WE hereby agree to comply with the following terms and conditions of use of hydrant meter and fire hydrants within the City of Saratoga Springs:

    1. I/We accept responsibility for the hydrant meter and agree not to use a ball valve to turn on and turn off the hydrant meter and are aware that we are to use the hydrant meter only in areas that pertain to the City of Saratoga Springs’ water system.

    2. I/We understand that hydrant meters are limited to a 90-day usage period and that hydrant meters not returned within 90 days will result in forfeiture of the full deposit.

    3. I/We understand usage of any hydrant meter other than those issued by the City of Saratoga Springs, or connecting to a hydrant without a City approved hydrant meter, within City limits by any person/persons will be fined $100 per day/incident.

    4. I/We hereby agree to pay for any damages to or loss of property including the hydrant meter, hydrant, etc. to the City of Saratoga Springs incurred during meter usage and during the time in which the meter is placed in my/our responsibility, which will be assessed from the deposit.

    5. I/We agree to pay any additional costs incurred that may exceed the amount of the deposit.

    6. I/We hereby agree to pay reasonable attorney fees and costs incurred by City in collecting or enforcement of this agreement, any account balances, assessments, delinquencies, fines, and/or fees for hydrant meter use for the premises covered by this application.
  2. Instructions:
    $1500 deposit required. After submitting this form, you must call 801-766-9793 x 100 to pay the deposit. Upon approval, pick up the meter at Public Works - 213 N 900 E.
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    Account #: ____________________

    Deposit Paid: ________ Deposit Receipt: ________________________

    Hydrant: _____________________ Read: ________UB: ___________
    Date Returned: ______________ Condition: ____________

    Hydrant: _____________________ Read: ________UB: ___________
    Date Returned: ______________ Condition: ____________

    Hydrant: _____________________ Read: ________UB: ___________
    Date Returned: ______________ Condition: ____________

    Hydrant: _____________________ Read: ________UB: ___________
    Date Returned: ______________ Condition: ____________
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