Softball Spring

Saratoga Springs Recreation offers a Men’s league A and Rec league and a Coed A and Rec league. Teams will have seven regular season games and a post-season tournament. Sponsors are welcome, all teams must provide their own jerseys-numbers are required.  

Participants may not play on multiple teams in the same league. 

Leagues are divided into "A" and "Rec" and can be summed up as "A" is a little more competitive and "Rec" a little more for fun. 

Men's and Coed Softball Program Details Spring 2021 

  • Registration: December 28, 2020- March 29, 2021
    • Coed and Men’s leagues have limited capacity and may fill before the deadline
  • Registration Fee: $375 per team
  • Who: Men & Coed ages 16 and up
  • Where: All games will be played at Patriot Park
  • Season Start*: Week of April 20, 2021
    • Coed A Tuesday nights
    • Coed Rec Tuesday nights 
    • Men's A Thursday nights
    • Men's Rec Thursday nights

      Games are scheduled for 6:00, 7:00, 8:00 and 9:00

       *These details may be subject to change
  • Captain's Meeting April 13th, 6:15PM
  • Jerseys: Each team will be responsible for providing their own jerseys-numbers are required.
  • Includes: NSA fees, balls, scorekeeper, umpire, lights, etc.
  • Rosters: Players must be registered and on the official team roster before they can play in any regular season games. No additions can be made to the roster after the second game, unless an extenuating circumstance and approval from the program coordinator is required. 
    • Minimum roster:10 Maximum:25
    • Players must play in three regular season games to be eligible for tournament play
  • Free Agent List: A Free Agent List is available for individual players looking for a team OR for teams that may need a few players. 
    • If there are enough free agents to make a team, the Rec Dept will contact players
    • To get on the free agent list please fill out the
      Free Agent list form

  1. Heston Williams

    Recreation Director

  2. Tyler Neeley

    Recreation Coordinator

  3. Gina Hansen

    Recreation Coordinator

  4. Skyler Killian

    Assistant Recreation Coordinator

  5. Physical Address
    1307 N. Commerce Dr.
    Saratoga Springs, UT 84045