Suicide Prevention Resources


If you’re thinking about suicide talk to someone now. Call any of the following:

  • 911
  • 801-691-LIFE (5433) Utah County Crisis Line
  • 801-794-3971  Emergency Dispatch

If someone you know is struggling

You can be the difference in getting them the help they need. It’s important to remember the following things:

  • Get help immediately by calling 911 or other crisis lines
  • Do not hesitate
  • Always take suicidal comments seriously
  • Do not act shocked
  • Do not handle the situation yourself


Listed below are other essential resources to help you or a loved one find the support needed.

  1. Utah County
  2. Salt Lake County
  3. Veterans Crisis Line

Wasatch Mental Health

Crisis Line

24 Hours / 7 Days

(801) 373-7393