Spring Clean-Up

The City has consolidated the dumpster locations for spring cleanup again this year. The location is at the City’s Public Works site located on Saratoga Road at 900 E Saratoga Springs. This will be the only dumpster location in the City. We are only offering one location to ensure that dumpsters are available for use. Previously, the dumpsters located throughout the City would fill quickly and not be available for use. Having multiple dumpsters at one location will ensure that each dumpster is hauled away and a new one is delivered as soon as possible ensuring that they are available for residents’ use.

Dates: Spring 2019

Just a reminder, this service is provided only for bagged household and/or green waste items. Furniture, Electronics, Oil/Fuel, Kitchen Appliances, tires, rocks and concrete are not to be placed in these dumpsters. Utah County has a Household Hazardous Waste Collection Day on April 14th from 9am-3pm. For more details, visit www.utahcountyhealth.org/hhw.

If you have questions or concerns please contact the Public Works Department at (801)766-6506.