Holiday Home Decorating Contest

A house lit up for Christmas

3rd Annual Holiday Home Decorating Contest

Is your home the brightest home on the block? Does your electric bill double during the month of December? Are you the most festive home around?

Then we have the contest for you!

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General Information 

  • Registration will be open from November 1- 30
  • You must submit a photo of your lit home to be used for voting with your registration
  • Voting will take place December 1- 31
  • Winners will be announced via social media the beginning of January


  • 1st Place $500.00 prize and sign to put in your yard.
  • 2nd Place $250.00 prize and a sign to put in your yard.
  • 3rd Place $100.00 prize and a sign to put in your yard.


HolidayHomeDecorating_2018 Map

  • 1. 2406 N Nectar Way
  • 2. 451 W Bountiful Way
  • 3. 577 W Northgate 
  • 4. 83 N Archmore Street
  • 5. 1393 S Rolling Sage Way
  • 6. 1363 Lukas Lane
  • 7. 1597 Parkway Court
  • 8. 362 W Bridle Circle
  • 9. 2456 s Aster way
  • 10. 63 E Wildcat Lane
  • 11. 2823 S Silver Fox Lane
  • 12. 2863 Village Court Road
  • 13. 3193 Deer Meadows Drive
  • 14. 3926 S Panorama Drive
  • 15. 101 E Flagship Drive

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For your convenience, we have included a photo and the address of each home that is participating in the Holiday Home Decorating Contest in the voting survey.  These photo's are to assist you in the voting process by reminding you of what you saw in person. They are not intended to be voted on.  Many of the participating homes have music that you can tune into that adds to the effect of the lighting display. The photo's are not indicative of the true experience that you get when viewing these homes live.  We encourage citizens to view the homes in person before voting.