Quality Of Life

Saratoga Springs boasts a high quality of life that includes beautiful lakeshore living, a quiet and rural atmosphere, great air quality, superb views and an excellent central location midway between the Provo/Orem and Salt Lake City metro areas. There is good access to I-15 for both north and south travel and to the Bangerter Highway via Redwood Road for quick travel to Salt Lake International Airport (30 to 40 minutes by car) or other critical locations north of the City. Provo/Orem is located approximately 20 to 25 minutes by car via I-15.

Parks & Recreation

The City has required that large donations of property for parks, open spaces and trails be set aside as a part of its normal and standard development requirements. The City offers outstanding lake access for skiers and boaters with an 8-acre public City Marina. An 18-hole golf course along the lakeside opened in the spring of 2003. There are office and retail areas planned in and around the views available from the foothills and within close proximity of the golf course.

City Services

The City provides full urban services including water, sewer, police, and fire and emergency medical response. There is a fully functioning administrative office with staff providing city management, building permitting and inspections, development services, public works, utility billing and records management.

Regional Access

There is good access to I-15 via Pioneer Crossing for both north and south travel and to the Bangerter Highway via Redwood Road for quick travel to Salt Lake International Airport (30 to 40 minutes by car). All residents of Eagle Mountain City to the west must pass through Saratoga Springs in order to travel north, east or south in the region. Traffic has steadily increased at major intersections within the City and there are several commercial developments in this area with more developing in the near future. These developments provide needed retail and personal services in close proximity to the City's residents and will also serve the residents in the northwest part of the County.

Continuing Growth

As the City's population grows, there are additional planned arterial roads that will assist the region to keep up with the traffic demands of large populations. There is an additional north-south arterial roadway west of Redwood Road that is planned to carry traffic out of the foothills and north to I-15. There are three planned east-west arterial and collector roads that will also connect with I-15 and should assist traffic getting through the City to I-15 to the east.

Vision Statement

The City adopted the following vision statement after careful consideration that describes the desires and intentions of the current governing body:

The City of Saratoga Springs, as a developing community, strives to provide a nurturing environment for its residents by:

  • Providing a social environment supportive of a people-friendly, family-oriented community.
  • Allowing for a diversity of appropriate economic activities.
  • Focusing on community recreation and cultural arts.
  • Preserving valuable elements of its unique and rural setting.
  • Encouraging planned neighborhood development that promotes preservation of open space and opportunities for pedestrian, bicycle, and equestrian access.