Public Notices

All public hearings will be held at the City offices located at 1307 North Commerce Drive, Suite 200. Public meetings may be held Electronically. Please see Agendas for further information.  

Public notices may also be found at the Utah Public Notice website. Current notices are also available to the public at the City of Saratoga Springs offices.


The City of Saratoga Springs is seeking interested and qualified citizen volunteers to serve on the City’s Planning Commission to fill two four-year term positions ending December 31, 2025.  Resumes and Letters of Interest will be accepted until November 19, 2021.

To apply, please submit a Resume/Cover Letter describing interest and relevant experience to:

City of Saratoga Springs 
Attn: Cindy LoPiccolo, City Recorder 
1307 N. Commerce Drive, Suite 200 
Saratoga Springs, UT 84045
801-766-9793 ext. 103   

Questions regarding the Commission meetings/responsibilities please contact David Stroud, Planning Director  801-766-9793 ext. 107.