About Us

The City of Saratoga Springs is an exciting new pro-development community located on the northwest shores of Utah Lake in the center of Utah’s Wasatch Front Metropolitan Area. 


The City, incorporated in December of 1997. From its very beginning, the City experienced rapid growth and today there is more development interest in the City than at any other time in its short history.

Population Details

The City’s population is estimated at around 18,000 residents - a suburban population that works along the Wasatch Front, but desires a quiet suburban area in which to live. The City is issuing a number of permits for residential dwelling units monthly and is among the top ten highest growth cities in Utah. As a region, the northern Utah County area has also experienced rapid development and growth in recent years. In 2002 alone, the cities of Eagle Mountain, Lehi and Saratoga Springs together issued over 1,300 permits for residential dwelling units. All three cities continue to issue many development approvals and permits. Also, the physical infrastructure to continue rapid residential growth is in place in these cities. The estimated combined population of these cities is 91,730 residents, mostly located west of the I-15 corridor.

Continuing Community Development

Saratoga Springs is only partially developed and it is expected that the build-out population of the City will be over 100,000 residents. Only about 25% of the land area within the City has been developed or is planned to be developed. There are still several large parcels that remain as well as numerous smaller tracts that will one day be developed. In its General Land Use Plan, the City has sites planned for low, medium and high density residential, neighborhood and regional parks, schools, commercial and office uses and large research and development properties.