Irrigation Calculator

Please Note: Customer utility bills are due on the 25th of each month. If not paid by the 25th, a $15 delinquency fee will be applied to the account.

New Irrigation Water Rates

The City adopted new irrigation water rates effective July 1, 2015. The new rates are tied to the new water meters that were installed last summer. The purpose of the new rates and meters are to encourage residents to conserve the City's water resources. A reduction in the overall water usage in the City will improve water pressures and extend the capacity of the existing infrastructure (wells, water lines, and storage ponds). In addition, residents who conserve water will be able to see a savings on their monthly water bill.

A new, lower, base rate will continue to be charged year round to cover some of the City's fixed costs in the water department. This will result in a significantly lower water bill during the non-irrigation months. The rest of the rates will be charged based upon water usage. Each lot will be assigned an allotment of water. This allotment is based upon how much water was purchased for your lot at development. The rates increase higher as you use more of your allotment.

The new rates will be effective July 1, 2015 to give residents enough time to review monthly water usage (supplied on your utility bill) and make adjustments to your irrigation system. In addition, for the first month of the new rates (July) the city will cap the irrigation portion of each resident's bill at 150% of the allotment. The full rates will be charged beginning August, 2015.

Read The Saratoga View newsletter to learn more about the the need for the change to a metered system and the benefits of doing so: Click Here

City Irrigation Calculator

The City has created an irrigation calculator to help customers determine their monthly irrigation water allotment and estimate the cost of their bill. View the City Irrigation Calculator, which is a google spreadsheet and then you can make a copy when the page appears. You will need a Google account to access the spreadsheet. You'll be able to enter your lot size to determine your monthly water allotment. You can also estimate what your bill would be at different water usage amounts.

Example of the Irrigation Calculator

New Rates (Effective July 1, 2015)

Single Family Residential Base Fee: $16.25 per quarter acre (reduced from $26.18 per quarter acre).

Non-single Family Residential Base Fee: $65 per irrigable acre. This fee includes commercial, industrial, institutional, condominiums, city parks, HOA parks, or any other non-single family property that the City has a record of the irrigable acreage of the property.

Water Allotment

The allotments are calculated as follows:

  • Single Family Residential monthly allotment (in thousand gallons): Gross lot acreage multiplied by 108.793732.
  • Non-single Family Residential monthly allotment (in thousand gallons): Irrigable lot area multiplied by 152.99127.

For example, a 1/4 acre lot would have an allotment of 27.2 thousand gallons (0.25 multiplied 108.793732).

Usage Rates

Percentage Rate
0 to 75% of allotment
per 1,000 gallons
75% to 100% of allotment
per 1,000 gallons
100% to 150% of allotment 
per 1,000 gallons
150% to 200% of allotment
per 1,000 gallons
200% to 250% of allotment
per 1,000 gallons
above 250% of allotment
per 1,000 gallons