Splash Days Tournaments

Splash Days Pickleball Musical Mixer 2019

Mixer Details

  • Registration: April 1 to June 7
  • Mixer: June 11th 
  • Cost: $20 per team 
  • Age: 14 and up
  • Time: 6:00PM

About the Mixer

We are excited to be adding a pickleball mixer to our list of activities for Saratoga Spring’s Splash days celebration! This mixer is a great way to get outside, have fun, meet your neighbors, and engage in the events happening during Splash days!

This mixer will be ran as a musical mixer. When you arrive you will randomly be given a court number.  Music will then start to play; you will play while the music is playing, once the music stops the team who is winning will move up a court, and the loser will move down a court. We will continue the round, starting and stopping music, with teams moving up and down courts throughout the round.  At the end of the round, the 1st and 2nd place winners will get a prize. The number of teams who register will determine the number of rounds.

If you don't have a partner, please contact us and we can add you to a free agents list.

The musical mixer will be played at the new pickleball courts at Patriot Park. 

Splash Days Grass Volleyball Tournament 6 vs. 6 2019

Tournament Details

  • Registration: April 1 to June 10
  • Tournament: June 15.  One day tournament, guaranteed 3 matches. T-shirts for 1st and 2nd place winners.
  • Cost: $50 per team
  • Age: 16 and up

About the Tournament

We are excited to be adding a Coed Grass 6 vs. 6 Volleyball tournament to our list of activities for Saratoga Spring's Splash Days celebration. The tournament will be a one day tournament with multiple matches played throughout the day. Adults 16 years and older are allowed to play.

The tournament will be held outdoors at Neptune Park. Program is limited to 8 teams. Tournament format will be 2 randomly selected pools for a round robin. Teams will be seeded in a 4 team single elimination tournament with a championship game being played against the two bracket winning teams. Guaranteed 3 matches. Tournament format may be adjusted if all 8 spots are not filled.

Splash Days Volleyball