Golf Lessons for Moms

Do you want to learn how to play golf? Our golf lessons are designed to teach the basic skills needed to play golf. Sessions are 3 classes 60 minutes long for 3 days. Each session is for all skill levels. Students will be split up according to skill level by instructors. Class sizes are limited so space may fill before the registration deadline.

Program Details 2019

  • Equipment Needed: Participants will need to have the following clubs: putter, 7 iron and 3 wood. Participants may want to provide comfort items such as water, hats, sun block, etc.
  • Registration: April 1 – Thursday before session begins. There is limited space in this program and it may fill before the deadline.
  • Sessions: Sessions will be 3 classes 60 minutes long for 3 days. Classes will be held at TalonsCove Golf Course.
  • Cost: $35
  • Ages: Women age 18 and up

Session Schedule

Session Number
Date Time
Session 1
June 10 to 12
6 p.m.
Session 2
June 17 to 19
6 p.m.
Session 3
June 24 to 26
6 p.m.
Session 4
July 8 to 10
6 p.m.