General Services & Department Information

Fingerprint Services

Saratoga Springs Police Department provides fingerprint services to citizens of Saratoga Springs and surrounding cities. Individuals are required to present valid government issued photo identification at time of fingerprinting. Saratoga Springs Police Department offers Live Scan fingerprinting. 


  • Tuesday through Thursday
  • 10 a.m. until 3 p.m.


Payment is required at time of service:

  • $10 - Resident of Saratoga Springs and Bluffdale
  • $20 - Non-Resident of Saratoga Springs

Police Department Tours

Saratoga Springs Police Department provides tours of the police department during office hours Monday-Thursday 9am-4pm to scout groups, preschools, etc. To schedule a tour, please contact Saratoga Springs Police Records 801-766-6503. Please be prepared with date, time, contact info, and number attending. 

False Alarm Policy 

For false alarm policy click here

Officer Involved Critical Incident (OICI) Investigations (UCA 76-2-408)

Pursuant to UCA 76-2-408, the following is offered:

OICI involving sworn officers of the Saratoga Springs Police Department will be professionally, thoroughly and impartially investigated in accordance with UCA 76-2-408. If the event occurs in the jurisdiction of Saratoga Springs City or elsewhere in Utah County, the incident will be investigated by the Utah County Officer Involved Critical Incident Protocol Task Force, led by the Investigations Bureau of the Utah County Attorney's Office. If the event occurs in the jurisdiction of Bluffdale City or elsewhere in Salt Lake County, the incident will be investigated by the Salt Lake County OICI Protocol Task Force in coordination with the Salt Lake District Attorney. Both protocols are attached below. An internal administrative investigation will be concurrently conducted by the Saratoga Springs Police Department.

OICI Documents

Outside Employment Policy

In order to avoid actual or perceived conflicts of interest for Department employees engaging in outside employment, all employees shall obtain written approval from the Chief of Police prior to engaging in any outside employment. Approval of outside employment shall be at the discretion of the Chief of Police in accordance with the provisions of this policy and Utah Code 53-13-114. For more information view the Outside Employment Policy (PDF) document.

Use of Portable Audio/Video Recorders

This policy provides guidelines for the use of portable audio/video recording devices by members of this department while in the performance of their duties. Portable audio/video recording devices include all recording systems whether body-worn, hand held or integrated into portable equipment (Utah Code 77-7a-102). For more information view the Use of Portable Audio Video Recorders (PDF) document.