Development Process

Simplifying The Process

During the May 15, 2018 City Council Meeting, the Mayor and City Council amended City Code 19.13.04 to help expedite the process amid the extreme growth in Saratoga Springs. The following changes were approved:

  • Site plan now approved by Planning Commission (previously City Council).
  • Preliminary plats in the District Area Plan (DAP) are approved by staff, if a lotting plan is included in the Village Plan.
  • Preliminary plats no longer require a public hearing, which coincides with State Code.
  • Planned Unit Development (PUD) concept plans are approved (non-binding) by staff, unless variations are requested, in which case the City Council approves (non-binding).
  • PUD preliminary plat public hearings were eliminated, which coincides with State Code.
  • PUD final plats are approved by staff, if consistent with the City Council approved preliminary plat.

Development Packet

Get more details, information, and checklists to help the development process go smoothly, by downloading and reading through the Development Packet. If you have any questions, contact the Planning Department at (801) 766-9793 x155.

Information for Developers in Saratoga Springs

In an effort to provide the best service and most efficient review of your development application, no application will be accepted unless an appointment is made and the application is determined to be complete, containing all items on the application checklist.

To submit an application, please call 801-766-9793 x155 or Email Cherilyn King to make an appointment. Please call or email with any questions.