Westlake Boys Lacrosse Camp

Camp Details 2020

The Westlake Boys Lacrosse Camp is run by the boy’s head lacrosse coach Danny Horne and members of his coaching staff with Westlake lacrosse athletes. The camp is a 4 to 5 day camp for ages kindergarten to 9th grade. All participants will receive 3 new lacrosse balls for each camp (blue in June and yellow in August). Grades are for the 2020-2021 school year. Two camps will be offered over the summer as well as one specifically for shooting. One will be in June and a second one in August, with a shooting clinic in July. If you choose to register for both camps, you will receive a discount. The bundle does not include the shooting clinic. Each 4-day, grade-specific, camp will emphasize proper shooting, ball-handling, dodging, defensive positioning and techniques and passing technique in a fun and competitive environment.

Registration: April 6th - May 15th

***$10 additional fee for registration from May 16 to day before camp***

Who: Boys Kindergarten through 9th grade.

When: June 8-11 and August 3-6

Where: Lake Mountain Middle School

*Participants are encouraged to bring their own gear. If you need to rent gear, it will be an additional $25 and we will have that available on the day of the clinic (helmet, arm pads, gloves, shoulder pads and stick).  Gear MUST be rented before May 15th.  Gear rental will not be possible through registration after May 15th.

Only gloves, stick, and helmet needed for shooting clinic.

Lacrosse Camp 1

Grade Dates Time Location Cost
K-1 June 8-11 9am-10am Lake Mountain Middle $35
2-4 June 8-11 11am-12:30 pm Lake Mountain Middle $60
5-6 June 8-11 11am-12:30pm Lake Mountain Middle $60
7-9 June 8-11 9am-10:30am Lake Mountain Middle $60

Lacrosse Camp 2

Grade Dates Time Location Cost
K-1 August 3-6 9am-10am Lake Mountain Middle $30
2-4 August 3-6 9am-10:30am Lake Mountain Middle $60
5-6 August 3-6 9am-10:30am Lake Mountain Middle $60
7-9 August 3-6 9am-10:30am Lake Mountain Middle $60

Bundle Camps 1 & 2

Grade Cost
2-9 $100

Lacrosse Shooting Clinic

Grade Dates Time Location Cost
K-4 July 30-31 8am-9am Lake Mountain Middle $25
5-9 July 30-31 9am-10am Lake Mountain Middle $25
  1. Heston Williams

    Recreation Director
    Phone: 801-766-9793, ext. 211

  2. Tyler Neeley

    Recreation Coordinator
    Phone: 801-766-9793, ext. 167

  3. Gina Hansen

    Recreation Coordinator
    Phone: 801-766-9793 ext. 194