Pressurized Irrigation

Sources & Water Quality

The City of Saratoga Springs has a complete pressurized secondary water system built specifically for outside uses such as irrigating landscaping. The water for this system comes from three irrigation grade water wells, the Utah Lake Distributing Canal, and the Spring Creek Canal.

This is non-potable water and should never be used for drinking.

Sprinkler Systems & Water Schedule

The secondary system is charged on or about the 15th of April and drained on or about the 15th of October. Irrigation systems may not be turned on between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. unless you are establishing new grass or performing maintenance on your system. This schedule has been set up by the state and also allows time for the wells to recharge.

All residents are encouraged to use this water for their sprinkler systems. Home owner connections are located in a green box marked irrigation, located on a property line near the sidewalk. Typically, a 1 inch ball valve is provided for sprinkler system attachment. Cross connections between the culinary and irrigation water lines are illegal. If you think your lines may be cross connected and would like it checked, please contact the Public Works department. They can help determine if a line is cross connected and if so, assist you on how to go about getting it fixed.

Irrigation Calculator

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