Additional LITERACY Resources

Additional Resources

McOmber Readers

The Literacy Center uses the McOmber Readers program; we have sets available for checkout. Each set consists of 5-6 books for that reading level and each book is accompanied by a workbook. We have also included a dry erase marker and an eraser for your child to use in the workbook. (Please make sure that all pages are erased after you do them. This will help the longevity of the page protectors.)

The McOmber readers are set up to be a 2 day program for each book.

  • Day 1 - Have your child do the Pre-Reading section of the workbook. Then have them read the book. After they are done reading, ask them the comprehension questions at the back.
  • Day 2 - Have your child read the book first. Then have them do the Post-Reading pages of the workbook.

Phonics Readers

These books are available for you to be able to check out a full set of books on your child’s reading level.


S.T.E.M. Kits are available for checkout form the library. These kits contain curriculum for reading, science, math, technology, and more. Kits cannot be used in the library and customers must ensure that all of the parts are returned with the kit.