Men's Basketball

Sign up your team to play in our Men's basketball league. Each team will have 7 season games as well as a single elimination tournament. Sponsors are welcome, all teams must provide their own jerseys. (Modified High School Rules)  

Program Details 2020

  • Registration: June 1 - August 3 Space is limited! (Program may be filled before end date!)
  • Registration Fee: $475 per team
  • Season Start: Week of August 24th.
  • When: Thursday nights. Games will start at 6pm. 
  • Jerseys: Each team will be responsible for providing their own jerseys
  • Free Agent List:  If you do not have a full team you can sign up for our free agent list.  If there is enough free agents to make a team we will do so or existing teams can pick up free agents to complete their team.  To get on the free agent list please contact us.