Pending & Recently Approved Applications

Approved Master Development Plans 

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Pending Applications



Pending Administrative Approval

  1. Apostolic United Brethren (AUB) Minor Subdivision, Planner: Rachel (Updated June 2020)
  2. Costco Minor Subdivision, Planner: Dave (Updated October 2019)
  3. Coyote Hills Plat A Final Plat, Planner: Rachel (Updated Jan. 2020)
  4. Fox Hollow N8 Concept Plan, Planner: Sarah (Updated Aug 2020)
  5. IHC Lot Line Adjustment, Planner: Dave (Updated November 2020)
  6. Jordan Promenade (Wander) Plat A Site Plan Amendment, Planner: Dave (Updated August 2019)
  7. Jordan Promenade (Wander) Takedown 2 Minor Subdivision, Planner: Dave (Updated July 2019)
  8. KFC Site Plan Saratoga Springs Commercial Dev. Planner: Gina (Updated April 2020)
  9. LDS Welfare Complex Site Plan (DI, Bishop's Storehouse), Planner: Dave (Updated Sept. 2020)
  10. Markham Dental Concept Plan, Planner: Dave (Reviewed November 9, 2018)
  11. Mountain Sunrise Academy Charter School Prelim & Final Plat, Planner: Dave (Updated March 2020)
  12. Mt. Saratoga Quailhill Plat E Final Plat, Planner: Sarah (Approved July 9, 2019)
  13. Mt. Saratoga Quailhill Plat M Final Plat, Planner: Sarah (Updated Jan. 2020)
  14. Mt. Saratoga Quailhill Plat N Prelim & Final Plat, Planner: Sarah (Updated July 2020)
  15. Mt. Saratoga Quailhill Plat P Prelin & Final. Planner: Sarah (Updated Sept. 2020)
  16. Mt. Saratoga Quailhill Plat V Prelim & Final Plat, Planner: Sarah (updated Sept 2020)
  17. Northshore Commercial Minor Subdivision, Planner: Sarah (Updated Sept 2019)
  18. Northshore Phase 2 Preliminary and Final Plat, Planner: Sarah (Updated Sept. 2019)
  19. Northshore Saratoga Trade Subdivision Minor Subdivision, Planner: Rachel (Updated Sept 2019)
  20. Pelican Bay Lots 36 & 49 Plat Amendment, Planner: Tippe (Updated December 2018)
  21. Reserve on the Lake Concept Plan, Planner: Rachel (Updated June 2020)
  22. River View Plaza Site Plan & Final Plat, Planner: Kimber (Updated November 2020)
  23. River's Edge Preliminary Plat, Planner: Dave (Updated October 2020)
  24. Riverview Plaza and Townhomes Concept Plan, Planner: Kimber (Updated Dec 2019)
  25. Riverview Plaza Final Plat, Planner: Kimber (Updated October 2020)
  26. Saratoga Dignity Senior Community Concept Plan, Planner: Sarah (Updated April 2020)
  27. Secret Springs Concept Plan, Planner: Rachel (Updated May 2020)
  28. Shaka Laka Shave Ice Temporary Use, Planner: Rachel (Updated June 2020)
  29. Sierra Estates Phase 3 Concept Plan, Planner: Sarah (Updated November 2020)
  30. Silver Bear Swim School CUP, Planner: Sarah (Updated August 2019)
  31. South Saratoga School Final Plat Phase 2, Planner: Gina (Updated November 2020)
  32. South Saratoga School Final Plat, Planner: Gina (Updated October 2020)
  33. South Saratoga School Subdivision Exception, Planner: Gina (Updated October 2020)
  34. Tenny's Pizza Concept Plan, Planner: Dave (Updated May 2019)
  1. The Hub at Saratoga Springs Concept Plan (Approved December 20, 2018)
  2. The Hub Concept Plan, Planner: Sarah (Updated Feb. 2020)
  3. The Point at Saratoga Springs Minor Site Plan Amendment (Updated September 2018)
  4. The Point Concept Plan, Planner: Sarah (Updated Sept 2020)
  5. The Reserve - Concept Plan, Planner: Kimber (Updated November 2020)
  6. T-Mobile Minor Site Plan Amendment, Planner: Dave (Updated October 2020)
  7. Wander Takedown 4 Subdivision Exception, Planner: Gina (Updated November 2020)
  8. Wander VP 1, Plat A1 Minor Plat Amendment, Planner: Dave (Updated Oct 2019)
  9. Wander VP1 Plat C3 Prelim & Final Plat, Planner: Gina (Updated July 2020)
  10. Wander VP1 Plat C4 Prelim Final Plat, Planner: Gina (Updated July 2020)
  11. Wander VP1 Plat E1 Prelim & Final. Planner: Gina (Updated Sept. 2020)
  12. Wildflower Plat A Final Plat-Church, Planner: Tippe (Updated August 2019)
  13. Wildflower Plat D-1 Preliminary and Final Plat, Planner: Tippe (Updated October 2018)
  14. Wildflower V1 plat E-4 Prelim & Final Plat, Planner: Tippe (updated Sept 2020)
  15. Wildflower V2 Subdivision Exception, Planner: Rachel (Updated November 2020)
  16. Wildflower V3A Plat B-5 Prelim & Final Plat, Planner: Tippe (Updated Jan 2020)
  17. Wildflower V3A Plat B-6 Final Plat, Planner: Tippe, (Updated Jan 2020)
  18. Wildflower Village 3A Plat B-1 Preliminary & Final Plat, Planner: Tippe (Approved April 2020)
  19. Wildflower Village 3A Plat B-2 Preliminary & Final Plat, Planner, Tippe (Updated March 2019)
  20. Wildflower Village 3A Plat B-3 Preliminary & Final Plat, Planner: Tippe (Approved April 2020)
  21. Wildflower Village 3A Plat B-4 Preliminary and Final Plat, Planner: Tippe (Updated October 2019)
  22. Wildflower Village 3A Plat C-1 Preliminary & Final Plat, Planner: Tippe (Updated March 2019)
  23. Wildflower VP 1 Plat E-3 Prelim & Final, Planner: Tippe (Updated Sept 2020)
  24. Wildflower VP 1 Plat F-6 Prelim & Final, Planner: Tippe (Updated Sept 2020)
  25. Wildflower VP 3A Site Plan, Planner- Tippe (Updated March 2020)
  26. Wildflower VP2 Plat R5 Prelim & Final Plat, Planner: Tippe (Updated August 2020)
  27. Wildflower VP2 Subdivision Exception, Planner: Tippe (Updated Aug 2020)
  28. Wildflower VP3 Plat C-2 Prelim and Final Plat, Planner: Tipper (Updated Jan 2020)
  29. Wildflower VP3A Minor Amendment (3rd) Planner: Tippe (Updated August 2020)
  30. Wildflower VP3A Plat A-2 Prelim & Final, Planner: Tippe (Updated August 2020)
  31. Wiltshire Estates (Losee Residence) Plat Amendment, Planner: Rachel (Updated October 2020)
  32. UofU Medical Center Community Plan Minor Amend, Planner: Dave (Updated March 2020)
  33. Utah Lake Estates Final Plat, Planner: Gina (Updated November 2020)

Recently Finalized

The following are applications for which the City has issued either an approval or a denial within the last few months. Approved developments may be under construction or are likely to begin construction shortly.

Administrative Approvals